Victim / Offender Mediation

Following an offence, a young person may be asked to take part in a Victim / Offender Mediation as part of a Restorative Justice programme. Research and experience has shown that the restorative process can benefit the person affected by the offence, although their participation is completely voluntary.

Bringing victims and offenders together can help to make offenders realise the harm that they have caused and to reduce the likelihood of re-offending. For the victim it can help by providing an opportunity to be heard and by reducing the fear of repeat incidents.

Our Victim / Offender Mediation Service is usually referred and co-ordinated by the Youth Offending Service or by the police, and can be used where the person who has suffered the harm is willing to meet the young person responsible. The service is provided by our experienced mediators who have training in Restorative Justice.

If you wish to find out more about our Victim / Offender Mediation Service you can contact us and talk in confidence to one of our experienced members of our staff.

What our users have said:

 “The service given by your two mediators was excellent and they did a thorough and and professional job. I don’t feel they could have done or given more, and my thanks to both of them”

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