Family / Young Person Disputes

Arguments and tensions within a family can cause a young person to consider leaving home, or to actually leave home.  There are a whole range of issues that can contribute to such situations including the following (or a combination of the following):

  • Relationships within the immediate or extended family group
  • Relationships outside of the family group
  • Behaviour or breaking house rules
  • Concerns about the future
  • Breakdown in communications
  • A need for self-expression
  • Concern that no one listens or understands

Our ‘Room to Talk’ Mediation Service helps family members to resolve such issues by providing a framework that encourages constructive discussions between those involved.  The aim of the discussions is to achieve greater mutual understanding and, from this, to work out plans for the future.

What our users have said:

“We are pleased that there are people who will listen”

We are changing our name to Alternatives to Conflict.
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