Neighbour and Community Disputes

We are all part of a local community and regularly come into contact with other members of the community.  Communities can be supportive, but sometimes there can be issues between neighbours or others within the community including:

  • Anti-social behaviour generally
  • Noisy behaviour
  • Inconsiderate parking
  • Disagreements about boundaries and fences
  • High hedges
  • Discarding rubbish
  • Using gardens for storage
  • Nuisance caused by pets
  • Disagreements over shared space or access
  • Children and teenagers’ difficult or anti-social behaviour
  • Verbal abuse, intimidation and harassment
  • Breakdown in communications

Our Community Mediation Service can help to resolve disputes between neighbours and within communities including anti-social behaviour issues.  This service is generally FREE and cases can be self-referred or referred through other agencies such as local authorities, community housing providers or the police.  All referrals are treated confidentially.

We have a specialised service for disputes between neighbours over boundary hedges that are considered a nuisance due to their height – hence the title “High Hedges”.

What our users have said:

“The mediators were very friendly and it was very easy to talk to them”

We are changing our name to Alternatives to Conflict.
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