Commercial Disputes

In Commercial, Business or Professional Relationships

Commercial (Civil) disputes involve issues relating to work, goods or services provided by businesses or professional firms and are generally governed by a contract.  These types of disputes include:

  • Contracts for goods and services
  • Landlord and tenant issues
  • Land disputes about boundaries, trespass and access
  • Land development and land use
  • Building disputes
  • Disputes over professional fees
  • Insurance claims
  • Disputes within business partnerships

Our Civil Mediation Service provides a quick and effective way of resolving such disputes with a high success rate and at relatively low cost. Mediation allows the parties to explore the issues in a confidential environment and to maintain greater control over the outcome. The agreement can be drafted so that it is legally binding.

Our experienced Civil Mediators come from a range of professional disciplines including the law, medicine, construction and surveying, by way of example.  For more information please visit our Mediator Appointment Service page.