What is Mediation?

Mediation is a way of improving relationships and resolving differences between people…

Types of Dispute

At one time or another, anyone may get into a conflict with another person. In your neighbourhood…

Types Of Mediation

Mediation Buckinghamshire is continuing to evolve and is rapidly and uniquely in Buckinghamshire…


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Do you want to resolve your dispute and positively move forward? We can help!

Mediation Buckinghamshire is a well established provider of mediation services operating in Buckinghamshire and adjacent counties.

We are a not for profit organisation that helps people or organisations to resolve disputes. Mediation provides a structured framework that facilitates constructive discussions allowing those involved to reach their own solutions and agreements, rather than having these imposed on them by others.

Mediation empowers those involved to take control of the issues and to find solutions.

Our experienced volunteer mediators enable us to provide neighbour and community mediations FREE of charge.

A charge is made for certain types of mediations such as civil mediation which involves commercial disputes.