School Mediation

Our School Mediation Service is available to help resolve School Related Disputes, which can involve issues between staff, managers, governors, parents and pupils.

Depending on the nature of the dispute and those involved, the type of mediation may reflect a Workplace Mediation or, where students are involved, our experienced mediators will ensure the process is tailored to suit young people.

Where students are involved, our mediators can help to resolve issues involving persistent breaches of school rules, those involving other students, or those that arise as a result of difficulties at home. In such cases the mediators will arrange separate meetings so that those involved can give their points of view. Following this, if all are willing to participate, a mediation meeting is arranged to allow time for talking and listening in a safe and neutral environment in order to arrive at an agreement to resolve the issues.

Referrals to our Schools Mediation Service can be made by schools, families or students.

If you wish to find out more about our School Mediation Service you can contact us and talk in confidence to an experienced member of our staff.

What our users have said:

 “The mediators were very friendly and it was very easy to talk to them”

We are changing our name to Alternatives to Conflict.
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